Detroit Bikes now available to the Cycling Community in Edmonton at Creekside Cyclery

When we met Zak Pashak at Interbike last year, we knew we needed to carry the Detroit Bikes line and introduce it to the cycling community in Edmonton. Zak, a former Albertan, left for Detroit and tapped into the under utilized manufacturing work force in the great motor city. The rest is, as they say, history. Detroit Bikes are building three lines of bikes, the A-Type, B-Type and C-Type with the goal of cranking out 50,000 bikes annually. If you are looking for a cruiser to ride on the weekends or get to and from work, you should consider on of these amazing bikes.

Drop by the shop located in the Ritchie Market Wednesday to Sunday to see this great line of Detroit Bikes, and take one for a test drive.